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Park Road Chiropractic is centrally located in MILTON, just one station away from Brisbane Central. The clinic is located on Baroona Road in a restored Queenslander just next to the IGA in MILTON. Our team of Brisbane Chiropractors are vibrant, highly trained professionals. Our clinic has a modern and welcoming atmosphere and people that care will greet you. Know that you are in good hands at Park Road Chiropractic, Brisbane.

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Paediatric Chiropractic

The practice of paediatrics within the chiropractic profession, is based on the principle that children are unique individuals undergoing the process of human development and not merely ‘little adults.

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The Spine

Our spine plays a key role in protecting an essential part of the nervous system. In addition to helping keep us upright, the most critical function of the spinal column is encasing and protecting the spinal cord and the multitude of nerve roots.

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How Chiropractic Helps

Chiropractors look for a state of abnormal motion and or alignment of the spine. This can cause inflammation and decrease of function in muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones.

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Many babies have a rough start to life. Chiropractic can assist with ‘wry neck’, flat head, irritable baby and other concerns.

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If you experience headaches there is often an underlying reason. CHIROPRACTORS are expert in determining this reason!

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Slipped discs

Disc injury such as herniation, bulge and prolapse can cause unfathomable arm or leg pain. Chiropractic should be your first choice.

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The aging spine continues to become more restrictive in movement and often more uncomfortable. Chiropractic is a non invasive, effective option.

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We are a Brisbane gonstead chiropractic clinic committed to the excellence in service and care of the health of each individual in an ethical, efficient and effective way. we provide chiropractic for babies, sports injuries, arthritis, neck & lower back pain and many other conditions.